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    Good Excel dashboard reports provide more information in less reading time than any other type of report. Now, you can create your own Excel dashboards. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Learn to: Analyze data and report it in a way that Excel Dashboards and Reports for Dummies 3rd Edition, Kindle Edition. by. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Create versatile, engaging dashboards with Excel olerivatcu.ga: Excel Dashboards and Reports (Mr. Spreadsheet's Bookshelf) eBook: Michael Alexander, John Walkenbach: Kindle Store.

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    Dashboard Reporting With Excel Ebook

    xander kenbach pert eet to: Excel. ®. D ashboards & Reports. Microsoft. ®. Dashboards & Reports. Excel. Microsoft®. ®. Michael Alexander. & John Walkenbach. Learn how to create amazing Excel dashboards. It covers the best dashboard practices, useful tools, and do's & don'ts (with Examples & Templates). Excel® Dashboards & Reports For Dummies®. Published by has been recognized for his contributions to the Excel community. He is also the principal.

    There are various tools available in the market to create dashboards. If you are a Microsoft Office user with reasonably good mastery on Excel, then creating dashboards in Excel is a wise decision. This is because Microsoft has introduced several powerful features in Excel, making your job of handling large datasets from various data sources simple and less tiresome. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Excel features effectively in dashboards. They include features that can make a dashboard dynamic and interactive. Audience This tutorial has been designed for all those readers who depend heavily on MS-Excel to prepare charts, tables, and professional reports that involve complex data. It will help all those readers who use MS-Excel regularly to analyze data. Once you get an understanding of the several Excel features that come handy in creating Excel dashboards, creating dashboards will become a trivial task for you. All these topics are available as full-fledged tutorials in our tutorials library.

    Plus you'll receive a free copy of my e-book 30 Chants for Better Charts which is crammed with easy to action tips on how to create better charts and dashboard reports in Excel, and the common pitfalls to avoid. Long story short I got a new position out of it! They are fantastic. I thought I would have to take notes in order to recall your instruction. Not at all — it is all in the spreadsheet. Your online tutorials and download material are extraordinary.

    I am so impressed. I will be recommending your online training to my colleagues. Your workbooks are easy on the eye and very easy to understand. I am terrified by the thought of writing formulas.

    You explain them and make it look so easy. Thank you. I love learning on-line and this aspect of your course really suits me. I love the material that you produce and from a pedagogical and e-learning perspective, your material is first class. Kay Fenton Any scepticism I had before joining the course was based on the fact that no matter how good a course true knowledge will only come from practice.

    Your course has delivered — the videos are excellent providing short ish chunks that can be easily absorbed. There are some sections that require a bit more knowledge than the average user but people choosing this course will probably want to expand their knowledge from a reasonable base.

    There are some very advanced courses on the market which claim to be aimed at the competent user. I've tried a couple but yours is the most practical and provides a complete dashboard solution in the shortest time. The course looked and has proved to be good value. The pricing is quite cute and being a premium member has made it really worthwhile — sometimes you need to revise a particular technique.

    The ability to download the course makes absolute sense as there will be times when I will want to come back to it time and again. Having the videos on your own drive together access to the premium tips for further reference is an excellent combination.

    I have designed a couple of dashboards before but the course has helped me know they are on the right lines as well as better understanding the technical aspects. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in Excel and particularly those having to present data - whether in a work or study environment.

    Similarly the tips that come through each week hit the mark. Paul Becksmith Without question, this course has caused me to re-evaluate how I am building my reports, charts and graphs. Clay Chilcott Many thanks, Mynda, the parts I have done have been great, and I am using tips and tricks already.

    Time is my worst enemy, but will be sure to download the videos to view over Found myself doing that already.

    I have taken a whole new approach to producing my monthly reporting pack for the Executive Management team using the techniques and tips learned in your course so far and in reading articles from Perceptual Edge — Stephen Few.

    Cheers, I find your course excellent!! Tony McGuire I'm finally getting around to working through the course, and so far I'm really enjoying it — just completed section 4 and today working through 5.

    But one of the main reasons for me to choose your training is that I found the content very professional and good. Then I checked your demo and I liked it. Finally I think the biggest decision maker was the fact that I could get all videos for later reference.

    Creating An Excel Dashboard (Explained with Examples & Templates)

    This was certainly THE most important factor. I often had training and took notes but afterwards when trying to re-do the exercise I would just miss a thing and it would not work. Probably you just miss a little important detail. But having the video I can always look back, and I often do actually.

    Your Dashboard course has already saved me a lot of time! I like the fact that it was an online training because it makes it very flexible. You can access it whenever you want and the fact that all the programs are split into several sessions of even only few minutes was certainly a huge advantage.

    Fourth, their Excel dashboards give readers much easier insight, which delights their VIPs, of course. Fifth, their Excel dashboards help them to collaborate with many VIPs, which helps their career.

    Creating an Excel Dashboard (Examples & FREE Templates)

    Collaboration begins because the data displayed in dashboard reports is easy to change. But truly ambitious Excel dashboard users don't stop there. They help another VIP, and then another. Soon, they become much closer to many VIPs.

    Create Excel Dashboards

    They learn more about their company and its data than their peers. And they become MUCH more valuable employees and consultants. Sixth, their Excel dashboards enhance their resumes. Including copies of their dashboards with their resume has helped my readers demonstrate three qualities that most employers really hope to find in the professionals they hire… Excel dashboards demonstrate cutting-edge Excel skills that few other applicants have learned.

    By combining their Excel dashboard skills with their professional knowledge, my readers demonstrate how they can provide immediate value to the company that hires them. You can get a fully updated version of my page ebook, Dashboard Reporting with Excel, at a lower price than ever before.

    The ebook is available for either Excel or Excel Two versions are necessary because the two versions of Excel use different methods for working with charts. Users of Mac Excel should choose the Excel version. Both versions of the ebook teach you how to create the Excel dashboard report shown here, which is linked to two Excel data workbooks. So I wanted to make sure that all my readers could benefit from that new, low price.

    The risk is all mine. Just click the button below to get started. Availability: Instant download of the ebook as a PDF file.